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SCFA Membership

Are you involved in the Cattle Feeding Industry in Saskatchewan? If so, it's time to renew or become a member of the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association (SCFA). Three types of members are identified in the SCFA - individuals, feeder/breeder associations and associate (non-voting).This annual membership ensures that your voice in the cattle feeding industry will be heard.

For more information about the SCFA and what a membership can do, click here .

Become a member to show your support for the cattle feeding industry in Saskatchewan today!

2017 SCFA Membership Form


How you can help the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association

You are working for your industry when:

  • you financially support the Association
  • you become aware of the scope of your industry beyond the farm gate
  • you pass on your comments, questions or concerns to the director nearest you, or to the SCFA office. In this way you will ensure that the SCFA maintains an accurate perspective when acting on behalf of the provinceďż˝s cattle feeding industry.

How the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association Benefits you:

The SCFA is working for you when it:

  • responds to issues impacting on the cattle feeding industry
  • involves itself in the drafting or revision of legislation, regulation, or policies, which affect the cattle feeding industry.
  • participates in industry related activities
  • networks with individuals and organizations connected with the constantly expanding agri-business sector.
  • provides opportunities for producers to increase or refresh their knowledge.
  • actively participates in industry research activities.

In order to better serve our industry, the SCFA is represented on a number of organizations. Should you have any questions regarding the activities of the association, or the activities of the boards and committees we sit on, please call the SCFA office.