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Goals & Objectives

What is the Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association?

The Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association is a group of cattle producers, primarily backgrouders and finishers, who are justifiably proud of Saskatchewan and the natural advantage which it offers to the cattle industry. As well, they strongly believe in what this dynamic industry can do for the economy in Saskatchewan.

The Association represents equally the full range of operation sizes from the smallest to the largest, and works to ensure a bright future for cattle feeders in this province.

The SCFA sends two representatives to the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association board to ensure that the interests of cattle feeders in Saskatchewan are heard. Our board and members are also active in a wide variety of committees and advisory boards who direct policy and regulation that effect our industry.

The SCFA employs a part-time General Manager to assist the directors in identifying and addressing issues of concern for the industry.