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Associations and Commissions
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  Link   Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association
The Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association was established in 2009 with the mandate to provide a united voice for the province's beef industry, with representation from all industry sectors and across all regions of the province. As a development commi
  Link   National Cattle Feeders Association
The National Cattle Feeders' Association (NCFA) was established in 2007 to represent Canadian cattle feeders on national issues and work in collaboration with other cattle organizations across the country to advance the national fed cattle value ch
  Link   Alberta Beef Producers
Alberta is cattle country. The open range, the Rocky Mountains, acres of Parkland and the fertile farmland of the rolling plains. These pristine natural resources are images of the west known around the world.
  Link   Alberta Cattle Feeders Association
The Alberta Cattle Feeders Association (ACFA) is a commerce organization that represents the interests of our members on a broad range of government policies and economic issues which impact the competitiveness of the production of beef and beef prod
  Link   B.C. Cattlemens Association
The BC Cattlemen's Association is a non-profit organization that is proud to represent and work on behalf of beef cattle producers in British Columbia.
  Link   Canadian Beef
The Beef Information Centre (BIC) is the Beef Market Development division of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association. BIC uses an integrated approach, focusing programs on five key areas - improving the quality & consistency of beef; increasing beef?
  Link   Canadian Cattlemen's Association
The CCA is the only national association representing the interests of Canada's 68,500 beef producers. General information on the organization and the industry can be located here.
  Link   Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
The Canadian Cattle Identification Program is an industry Initiated and established trace back system designed for the containment and eradication of animal disease.
  Link   CanFax
CanFax has provided expert analysis of markets and trends in the ever changing North American beef industry.
  Link   Beef Farmers of Ontario
The Ontario Cattlemen's Association's constitution provides that any person who has paid an OCA licence fee (checkoff) deduction is a member of the OCA and the affiliated county or district branch in which he/she resides.
  Link   Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association
Enhancing the growth of Saskatchewan's cattle feeding industry, through representation, provision of training, supply of information and liaison with other industry organizations.
  Link   Western Beef Development Centre
The Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) is a division of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) that plays a unique and vital role in the development of the western Canadian cattle industry.
  Link   Western Stock Growers' Association
Supports a strong, free-market approach to the production and marketing of cattle.