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Canadian Beef Breed Associations
* denotes participant in the Four Breed Alliance
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  Link   Canadian Angus Association
The Canadian Angus Foundation was established in 1993 as a charitable organization under Revenue Canada guidelines. The main reason for the creation of the Foundation was to allow for tax-deductible support to be offered to the furtherance of the Ang
  Link   Canadian Charolais Association *
  Link   Canadian Dexter Cattle Association
Dexter Cattle - number one choice for small acreages! Dexters are a small breed of dual purpose cattle. Originating in the south and southwest Ireland they fed of the the mountainous region. They are a thrifty and hardy breed. Originally kept by s
  Link   Canadian Gelbvieh Association
"The Continental Breed of Choice". Gelbvieh's role in the Canadian cattle industry is to supply profitable genetics to every step in beef production.
  Link   Canadian Hereford Association *
"Put the Credit Where the Credit Is Due!" Reminding producers, packers, feedlot operators, and consumers that white face and brockle face cattle, regardless of color, come from one common background - Hereford!
  Link   Canadian Limousin Association *
"To be the #1 terminal breed of choice and a provider of superior genetics that allows our members to be profitable leaders in the beef industry."
  Link   Canadian Maine-Anjou Association
The Canadian Maine-Anjou Association is dedicated to improving the bottom line for purebred and commercial cattlemen!
  Link   Canadian Salers Association
Salers bulls are known as being aggressive breeders, getting their cows bred regardless of the terrain or conditions thereby providing excellent conception rates.
  Link   Canadian Simmental Association *
Over the past 30 years, the Simmental breed has grown in popularity, fast becoming one of the most influential cattle breeds in Canada. The Simmental animal "Leads the Way" in growth and feedlot performance by fulfilling the feedlot requirements of